What is SquidBooks?


SquidBooks revolutionizes reading with adaptable texts. Like the shape-shifting form of a squid at sea, all SquidBooks can change on demand to meet the needs of diverse readers. Transforming the learning process, SquidBooks makes texts flexible by offering books at different reading levels with embedded language support.  This creates a personalized reading experience, which optimizes learning and engagement. 




Here at SquidBooks, we know that books are difficult to read. Linguistically and conceptually, traditional textbooks are often written at reading levels that far exceed what students can comprehend. Not everyone has the same reading and scientific skills, which makes it impossible for a single, static text to optimize the learning of every single student.


Stretching beyond the boundaries of the traditional textbook, SquidBooks gives readers a way to flex their texts and expand their minds.


Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), SquidBooks challenge students with academic resources tailored to the individual, which makes learning more engaging. Plus, the SquidBooks app demystifies the reading process for teachers, administrators, and parents with a customized administrative portal that provides access to students’ reading and assessment history. 



Squidbooks is growing! Join the team.